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This Kansas farmer fought a government program to keep his farm sustainable.

In 2012, Gail Fuller’s 2,000-acre farm was at ground zero for the drought that decimated corn production throughout the Midwest. His corn and soybeans had barely squeaked through the previous dry summer, even as many of his neighbors in Lyon County, Kansas, saw their crops desiccate and fail in the unrelenting sun. But when the… » Read More

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Urban Farming is Booming, But What Does it Really Yield?

(Note: This story was updated on 5/7/15 to add source for percent of food grown in cities) Midway through spring, the nearly bare planting beds of Carolyn Leadley’s Rising Pheasant Farms, in the Poletown neighborhood of Detroit, barely foreshadow the cornucopian abundance to come. It will be many months before Leadley is selling produce from this one-fifth-acre… » Read More

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Battling Drought on a California Farm

On a warm March afternoon, farmer Cannon Michael walks alongside wheat fields adjacent to his house in Los Banos, in California’s Central Valley. Most of these fields won’t be watered again this year. “Wheat’s not a glamorous crop, but it makes a lot of bread,” Michael quips. More on this story NPR folllows up on… » Read More

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