Virginia Gewin
Virginia Gewin is a freelance science journalist based in Portland, Oregon. As a 2016 Alicia Patterson Foundation fellow, she reported on food security and agricultural biodiversity. Her stories have appeared in Nature, Science, Discover, Washington Post,, Modern Farmer, and others.

Is the United States ready for offshore aquaculture?


Harlon Pearce walks muck-booted past processors gutting wild drum and red snapper to showcase a half-full new 5,000-square-foot (500-square-meter) freezer he hopes will someday house a fresh boom of marine fish. Harlon’s LA Fish sits just across the railroad tracks from the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, perfectly positioned to ship fish out of… » Read More

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Everything You Need To Know About Nanopesticides

Stacey Harper has never been a farmer. In wooded Alsea, Oregon, Harper is more likely to be found hunting elk than sowing seeds. Rather, it’s Harper’s work in the laboratory that links her to the soil. More on this story Check out our infographic: “Tiny Particles, Big Questions.” Read more of our reporting on toxins… » Read More

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