FERN’s Friday Feed: The cage-free egg glut

There are too many cage-free eggs BuzzFeed Despite consumer pressure to improve laying conditions for hens, cage-free eggs are staying on the shelves compared to their conventional counterparts. Eggs in general are at rock-bottom prices, after prices skyrocketed during the 2015 bird flu, when 40 million hens were exterminated. At the time, manufacturers cut costs… » Read More

Editor’s Desk: FERN’s latest unravels a terror plot in a Kansas meatpacking town

After the presidential election, the middle of the country dominated political discourse. In the process, reality often got broad-brushed – rural, white, left behind – in ways that simplified people, towns, and cultural divides. Ted Genoways, a Nebraska-based writer, jumps into the middle of that debate with FERN’s latest story, “Terror in the Heartland,” published… » Read More