FERN’s Friday Feed: McDonald’s backs off healthier foods; fashionable butter; and how to cook opossum

McDonald’s officially stops trying to be Panera New Food Economy McDonald’s says it’s done with its hipster experimental phase – nobody was coming in for the healthy fare anyway. After spending serious money on the largest public survey in company history, officials learned that the iconic chain’s slumping sales weren’t due to customers opting for… » Read More

Editor’s Desk: The Codfather and catch shares, a cautionary tale

A foul-mouthed fisheries kingpin. Undercover cops. Envelopes stuffed with illicit cash. Our latest story, published with Mother Jones, reads like a noir thriller set against the backdrop of the collapsing New England fishing industry. Ben Goldfarb tells the riveting tale of Carlos Rafael, known as “The Codfather,” who exploited loopholes in the region’s catch-share system… » Read More

There’s No Silver Bullet For Solving School Lunch: A Q&A with Jane Black

This Q&A originally appeared on The Huffington Post by Joseph Erbentraut. Check out Jane Black’s story “Revenge of the Lunch Lady” with FERN & Huffington Post’s Highline here.  Some seven years ago, British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver traveled to Huntington, West Virginia, on a mission: To save the residents of the so-called “fattest and unhealthiest” U.S. city from… » Read More

FERN’s Friday Feed: The hipster food dictionary; corrupt ethanol; and climate scientists under attack

Does your car run on cronyism? The Intercept When President Trump named billionaire Carl Icahn as the administration’s “deregulatory czar,” the informal title meant he didn’t have to give up his massive financial holdings, says The Intercept. And that’s lucky for him, because Icahn just brokered a deal with the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA), the ethanol… » Read More