Editor’s desk: Monsanto under the lens

In our latest story, reporter Rene Ebersole takes a comprehensive look at the controversy over glyphosate, the key ingredient in the herbicide Roundup, which is manufactured by Monsanto and is the subject of numerous lawsuits. In the story, published with The Nation, Ebersole lays out Monsanto’s spin campaign, which enlisted scientists and regulators to ensure… » Read More

Editor’s Desk: The tale of two farming systems

This week we published two very different stories: one considers the struggles of a fifth-generation Nebraska farm family, and the other scrutinizes a supply chain that brings palm oil into our personal-care products. Very different stories, indeed. But the more I thought about Ted Genoways’ searing documentary portrait of the Hammond family — in “Bringing… » Read More

FERN’s Friday Feed: Modern ‘craft culture’ is a white thing that ignores its brown roots

Welcome to FERN’s Friday Feed (#FFF), where we share the stories from this week that made us stop and think. White food revolutionaries didn’t invent artisanal food Eater “Craft culture looks like white people,” writes Lauren Michele Jackson. “The founders, so many former lawyers or bankers or advertising execs, tend to be white, the front-facing… » Read More