FERN’s Friday Feed: The promise of wild bees

Welcome to FERN’s Friday Feed (#FFF), where we share the stories from this week that made us stop and think. Are we handling the bee crisis all wrong? FERN and HuffPost Scientists are discovering that wild bees are far better pollinators than honeybees, which dominate commercial agriculture, according to FERN’s latest story. But that discovery,… » Read More

Editor’s Desk: A modern-day abolitionist – and the reporter covering her

Patima Tungpuchayakul (r), a Thai abolitionist, with members of her team on a trip to free enslaved fishermen. Photo provided by “Ghost Fleet.” Last year, I attended a screening of “Ghost Fleet,” a gripping documentary about modern-day slaves in the Thai fishing industry. I was especially interested because the co-director, Shannon Service, is a FERN contributor who… » Read More

Editor’s Desk: When FERN reports, media listen

Poultry at Seldom Rest Farms near Myerstown, PA, USDA photo by Lance Cheung. On Monday evening, staff writer Leah Douglas broke a huge story on FERN’s Ag Insider — our policy news service —that the Department of Justice was investigating price-fixing in the poultry industry, following a series of civil suits against the biggest chicken companies. It… » Read More