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We redoubled our efforts to find important, under-covered stories wherever they are.

Photo by Rafael de la Uz

“Trouble at sea,” by Miranda Weiss, published with bioGraphic Magazine. Pacific salmon are shrinking in size, and this who-dunnit piece explores the reasons why: hatchery salmon, from the booming aquaculture industry, routinely escape into the ocean, where they compete with wild salmon for a food supply already diminished by climate change.
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Photo by Mary Anne Andrei

“Police killing on the packing line,” by Ted Genoways, published with The New Republic. With meticulous reporting and great storytelling, Genoways describes the events that led to the fatal shooting of a 26-year-old Sudanese refugee at a pork processing plant in Oklahoma. He also situates the tragedy in the context of the plant’s history of labor violations, and the general neglect of worker safety in the meatpacking industry.
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Illustration by Zeke Peña

“Alone on the range” by Teresa Cotsirilos, published with High Country News. This is a major investigation of significant abuse of seasonal workers in the U.S. sheepherding industry. It provides yet more evidence that the H-2A visa program—the nation’s most important agricultural labor pipeline—is deeply broken. It also is the first piece we’ve translated into Spanish to host on our site.
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