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“Democracy cannot survive too much ignorance” – Retired Supreme Court Justice David Souter

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We redoubled our efforts to find important, undercovered stories between the coasts.

  • Our piece with Huffington Post’s Highline explained how Congress wants to gut an obscure federal policy that has helped poor school districts serve free meals to all students. The story was featured on Huff Post’s front page and reporter Jane Black was interviewed on radio and TV
  • Our story with The New Republic about a plot to massacre Somali refugees in a Kansas meatpacking town explores the intersection of immigration, fake news, and economic viability in the Heartland. Writer Ted Genoways has made several media appearances to discuss his work.
  • The dramatic multimedia story and podcast, “Reclaiming Native Ground,” featured Native Americans on Louisiana’s coastline, whose traditional lands are slowly succumbing to rising waters due to climate change. Reporter Barry Yeoman was interviewed on NPR’s All Things Considered and also participated in a panel discussion in New Orleans about the story.

We want to keep investigating, explaining and exploring. But we can’t do it without you.

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