Toxic Chicken: Petition Demands USDA Crack Down on Salmonella

Bucking a rejection by federal food safety officials, a consumer advocacy group is renewing and expanding its fight to ban drug-resistant salmonella bacteria from U.S. meat and poultry. More on this story Read more of our reporting on antibiotics. Sign up to receive the most important food and ag news with the daily FERN Ag… » Read More

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California governor vetoes ‘unnecessary’ livestock antibiotics bill

The governor of California on Tuesday vetoed a first-in-the-nation state law to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock production and said lawmakers should look for “new and effective ways” to prevent antibiotic overuse. More on this story Want more of Chuck’s great reporting? Sign up for the daily FERN Ag Insider. Read more of our work… » Read More

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The Abstinence Method

To American eyes, the Hoeve de Hulsdonk farm, outside the small town of Beers in the southeastern Netherlands, looks like some radical exercise in farming transparency. There’s a bike trail to lure you onto the property, and picnic tables to keep you there. The dark metal barn, towering two stories above the farmhouse and tractors,… » Read More

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Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future

A few years ago, I started looking online to fill in chapters of my family history that no one had ever spoken of. I registered on, plugged in the little I knew, and soon was found by a cousin whom I had not known existed, the granddaughter of my grandfather’s older sister. We started exchanging documents:… » Read More

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Big Pork Deal Comes Amid Friction Over Livestock Drug

The proposed $4.7 billion sale of Smithfield Foods, America’s largest pork producer, to China’s biggest meat processing company comes amid significant trade friction between the two countries over meat and livestock. More on this story USDA adds voluntary ractopamine guidelines. See the policy impact of this story. Read more of our reporting on antibiotics. China… » Read More

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Antibiotics in Your Food: What’s Causing the Rise in Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Our Food Supply

Last fall I flew halfway across the country to go grocery shopping with Everly Macario. We set out from her second-story apartment in Hyde Park near the University of Chicago and walked to the supermarket to buy a couple of rib steaks that Macario planned to serve to her husband and two children, ages 7 and 13. Macario,… » Read More

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How Your Chicken Dinner Is Creating a Drug-Resistant Superbug

Adrienne LeBeouf recognized the symptoms when they started. The burning and the urge to head to the bathroom signaled a urinary tract infection, a painful but everyday annoyance that afflicts up to 8 million U.S. women a year. LeBeouf, who is 29 and works as a medical assistant, headed to her doctor, assuming that a… » Read More

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Dispute over drug in feed limits U.S. meat exports

Updated on March 23: The FDA on March 14 issued a statement in response to this report, saying it had reviewed its previously published adverse drug effect numbers on ractopamine. After excluding reports of ineffectiveness, meat abnormalities and fertility abnormalities, it said the number of animals with reports of adverse effects was 160,917. The story reflects… » Read More

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