Key Story on Antibiotic-Resistance Brought to a Mainstream Audience

In May 2013, “Antibiotics In Your Food: What’s Causing The Rise In Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria In Our Food Supply,” appeared in the popular consumer magazine, EatingWell. Reporter Barry Estabrook took a deep dive into the growing issue of antibiotic resistance due to routine antibiotic use in livestock production. Estabrook, author of The New York Times bestseller Tomatoland, detailed how livestock are fed a diet laced with “sub-therapeutic” doses of antibiotics, not to cure illness but to make the animals grow faster and survive cramped living conditions. EatingWell has a print circulation of 500,000 and an estimated North American audience of 1.8+ million per issue. Online, the story received over 800 likes on Facebook and 190 tweets, including by Michael Pollan (575,000+ followers), Mark Bittman (529,000+ followers), Bay Area Bites (71,000+ followers) and The Ecologist magazine (54,000 followers). The story also was highlighted by OnEarth.

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