Nancy’s Airport Cafe

Between Sacramento and Redding, Highway 5 cuts through the middle of rice country. Right next to rice fields outside the town of Willows, there’s a restaurant popular with travelers, farmers, truckers. And pilots. More on this story Read more of our reporting on nutrition and food access Read more of our California Foodways stories Before… » Read More

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Farmers behind barbed-wire fences: 75 years later, Japanese-Americans remember incarceration during World War Two

When President Trump signed an executive order last month banning people from seven Muslim countries from entering the U.S., and advocated a Muslim registry, some of the loudest opponents were Japanese-Americans. They have long memories of another executive order, No. 9066, that forced all Japanese-Americans on the West Coast from their homes and businesses during… » Read More

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Preserving Gold Rush-era Heritage Trees With Amigo Bob Cantisano

Who doesn’t like a treasure hunt? The search for something mysterious and valuable, with just a few clues for guidance, is pretty irresistible. In California’s Nevada County, an unusual explorer with an unusual name — Amigo Bob Cantisano — hunts for remnants of the Gold Rush, just not the kind you might expect. More on… » Read More

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The Forgotten Filipino-Americans Who Led the ’65 Delano Grape Strike

Today, grapes in the grocery store don’t seem that controversial. But 50 years ago, a historic strike in California’s Central Valley vineyards set in motion the most significant campaign in modern labor history: the farmworker movement. More on this story Read a short summary of this story. Read more of our reporting on farms &… » Read More

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