Jocelyn Zuckerman
Jocelyn Craugh Zuckerman is a freelance writer based in Brooklyn and a contributing editor for OnEarth magazine. The former executive editor of Whole Living, deputy editor of Gourmet, and articles editor of OnEarth, she focuses on food politics, the environment, and the developing world. Zuckerman’s stories have appeared in Fast Company, Afar, Saveur, The New York Times Magazine, Parade, and other publications. A former Peace Corps Volunteer and a graduate of Columbia University’s School of Journalism, Zuckerman is the recipient of a James Beard Journalism Award for Feature Writing, and of fellowships from the Peter Jennings Project, The Carter Center, and Columbia University’s Center for Environmental Research and Conservation.

The makeover

Sitting in the shade of an oil-palm grove in northern Malaysian Borneo, Linella Pallai, 47, and her friend Trisar Sarigoh, 52, are describing what it was like before palm-oil mania swept their country. As children, the two women would gather fruit from the rain forest and fish from clear-running streams. But today, they tell me,… » Read More

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The violent costs of the global palm oil boom

Just after nine o’clock on a Tuesday morning in June, an environmental activist named Bill Kayong was shot and killed while sitting in his pickup truck, waiting for a traffic light to change in the Malaysian city of Miri, on the island of Borneo. Kayong had been working with a group of villagers who were… » Read More

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Oil barrens

The one with the gun arrived with a cocky flourish, sauntering through the doorway in a white muscle tee and blue jeans torn at the knees. He settled in on the plastic flooring, lit up a thick clove cigarette, and began animatedly to talk about the 23 critically endangered birds he’d shot from the Indonesian… » Read More

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Children Left Vulnerable By World Bank Amid Push For Development

This is the latest installment of “Evicted and Abandoned,” a year-long investigation into the hidden toll of World Bank–financed development on some of the planet’s poorest people. The project is a collaboration between the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and The Huffington Post, with contributions from dozens of journalists around the globe. This report was produced… » Read More

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Plowed Under

Farm Field

On a rainy Monday in mid-October, six middle-aged men in denim and camouflage sat bent over coffee mugs at the Java River Café, in Montevideo, Minnesota. With its home-baked muffins and free Wi-Fi, the Main Street establishment serves as communal living room for the town of 5,000, but the mood on that gray morning wasn’t particularly… » Read More

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