Erica Berry
Erica Berry is a freelance writer and journalist from Portland, Oregon. Last year, she worked in Sicily to co-produce a documentary about the island's endangered food traditions. Named a 2013 Udall Scholar for her commitment to environmental journalism, she has published work in The Morning News, Guernica Daily, High Country News, Nowhere Magazine, and Culinate. She is currently a College of Liberal Arts fellow in creative nonfiction at the University of Minnesota's MFA program.

10 Ways Big Food Is Changing to Meet Consumer Demand

America’s top 25 food and beverage companies have lost $18 billion in market share since 2010, as consumers angle for eats with higher levels of transparency. Big Food responded in 2015 by promising change—and lots of it. We analyzed 10 recent announcements from major food companies to see what’s relevant and what’s next. 1. McDonald’s… » Read More

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