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Barry Yeoman is a freelance journalist who specializes in complex environmental, social, and political issues. He lives in Durham, North Carolina and written for The American Prospect, Parade, Saturday Evening Post, and many other publications. You can read more at

Reclaiming native ground: Can Louisiana’s tribes restore their traditional diets as waters rise?

When Theresa Dardar was growing up in Houma, her mother used to take her to visit relatives in the Pointe-au-Chien Indian Tribe community. They would drive 20 miles toward the Gulf of Mexico, park at the local grocery store, and ask someone to ferry them across the bayou. From there, they’d walk across land thick… » Read More

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The Gulf War

The waiter at New Orleans’ Red Fish Grill, a wiry and spring-loaded man, recommended the whole red snapper. “Head, tail, eyes, looking at you up off the plate,” he said. I opted instead for the snapper fillet, grilled over a hickory fire and served atop a bed of roasted vegetables. It was the most expensive… » Read More

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Nervous Energy

As Paula Getzelman and I stroll among her Syrah and Grenache vines, she points out how the freestanding plants were “head-trained,” or cultivated to look like goblets. Head-training can produce less fruit per acre than growing the plants on horizontal trellises, but that’s okay with her. “It allows the vine to give its all to… » Read More

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