Stett Holbrook
Stett Holbrook is a senior editor at MAKE magazine. He is also the co-creator of Food Forward, a documentary TV series in production for PBS.

The high price of cheap weed

The drive to Casey and Amber O’Neill’s HappyDay Farms winds up a dirt track off Highway 101, three hours north of San Francisco. The road climbs to 3,000 feet along a ridge with stunning views of pine-covered mountains and the blue band of the Pacific Ocean, 25 miles to the west. More on this story… » Read More

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Napa’s water war with big wine

In the winter of 2015, a Hong Kong real estate conglomerate purchased the Calistoga Hills Resort, at the northern end of the Napa Valley, for nearly $80 million. Today, mature oaks and conifers cover the 88-acre property, which flanks the eastern slope of the Mayacamas Mountains. More on this story Hear Stett Holbrook on Heritage… » Read More

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Crop Insurance a Boon to Farmers – And Insurers, too

Here’s a deal few businesses would refuse: Buy an insurance policy to protect against losses – even falling prices — and the government will foot most of the bill. That’s how crop insurance works. More on this story Read more of our reporting on farms & labor. Read a summary of this story. The program doesn’t just… » Read More

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Farming communities face crisis over nitrate pollution, study says

Nitrate contamination in groundwater from fertilizer and animal manure is severe and getting worse for hundreds of thousands of residents in California’s farming communities, according to a study released today by researchers at UC Davis. Nearly 10 percent of the 2.6 million people living in the Tulare Lake Basin and Salinas Valley might be drinking… » Read More

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