Maria Finn
Maria Finn is currently writing a book for the newly launched series of TED Books, “The Whole Fish, How Adventurous Eating Can Improve Your Sex Life and Help Save the Ocean.” It's due to be published Oct. 24th, 2012. As well, she is currently completing the novel “Sea Legs & Fish Nets” loosely based on her experiences working on an all-female commercial salmon fishing boat in Alaska. It was a finalist for the 2012 Pen/Bellwether Award founded by Barbara Kingsolver for novels that address issues of social and environmental justice. Maria Finn is the author of the four books, including “Cuba In Mind” (Vintage 2004) “Mexico in Mind” (Vintage 2006), “A Little Piece of Earth” (Rizzoli 2010) and the memoir, “Hold Me Tight and Tango Me Home” (Algonquin 2010). She is a contributing writer for Sunset Magazine, and covers sustainable seafood topics for KQED's Bay Area Bites. She has written for publications such as Saveur, Wine Spectator, Audubon, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, and Gastronomica among many others. Finn’s essays have been anthologized in The New York Times 36 Hours,( 2011), Wild Moments: Adventures with Animals of the North, (2009), A Contemporary Cuba Reader: Reinventing the Revolution (2007), The Best Women's Travel Writing 2007 and The Best Food Writing 2006.

Leave It to Beavers

Beaver in water leaning on a branch. Courtesy of istock photo.

In an unexpected twist to California’s drought saga, it turns out that beavers, once reviled as a nuisance, could help ease the water woes that sometimes pit the state’s environmentalists and fishermen against its farmers. More on this story Read more of our reporting on climate change & drought. Read more of our reporting on… » Read More

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A Daring Dive Into the Wild Blue off Costa Rica

Photo by Bernard Radvaner

The scent of diesel, rusting anchors and fish slurry hung in the humid air of the harbor. I was in Puntarenas on the western shore of Costa Rica, waiting to leave on a scuba-diving trip to Cocos Island – often called an “underwater Serengeti” because of the many species found there, especially the schools of… » Read More

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Herring Return to Bay Area Waters (and Plates)

herring from the bay

The San Francisco Bay is a frenzy of rapturous seagulls, cormorants so gorged they can barely take flight, sea lions bellowing and porpoises spinning. The herring have returned to spawn. More on this story Read more of our reporting on oceans & freshwater. Read a summary of this story. See how this story made an impact.  Humans… » Read More

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Boom-and-bust Salmon Catch is Booming Again


After years of going begging, Northern California is awash in salmon. Charter boats are booked up to two weeks in advance, and anglers claim to be bagging their limits before noon. The smell of gurry and the glimmer of scales are back at San Francisco’s Pier 45, where commercial fishermen unload their catch. More on… » Read More

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