Michael Kriletich and other volunteers with CalaverasGROWN spread straw on scorched hills for erosion control. (Lisa Morehouse/KQED)

Drought, fire, and now healing in a California farm community

After four years of drought, Calaveras County faced a historic fire and then devastating soil erosion once rains came. Farmers are now fighting to recover.

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Rick Haney , Soil Scientist, Grassland Soil and Water Research Laboratory, USDA-ARS.

Dirt First

A renegade soil scientist is transforming American agriculture

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How the Government Decides What You Eat

The 2015 dietary guidelines ran to 53,000 words and have been scrutinized and fought over by countless factions. Who really has our best health in mind?

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Cattle heading out into the bush, Dimbangombe, Zimbabwe.

Can livestock restore drought-stricken grasslands?

Inside a seven-year effort in Zimbabwe to renew a landscape beset by desertification -- bringing a village back from the brink and allowing people to feed themselves again.

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Workers in the strawberry fields of Oxnard, California.

A new study suggests that even the toughest pesticide regulations aren’t nearly tough enough

As in most states, regulators in California measure the effect of only one pesticide at a time. But farmers often use several pesticides together-- and that's a big toxic problem.

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