Photo Credit: Nathaniel Wilder

FERN needs your help.

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to follow up on Sam’s Editor’s Note from yesterday. We at FERN recognize the essential threat that climate change represents. And we further believe that at this time of climate crisis, in-depth and investigative reporting on food and agriculture becomes ever more essential.

FERN’s climate change and agriculture reporting initiative, which Sam described, is one of several significant reporting projects we have underway. We know that our collaborative distribution model — our recent climate stories have reached audiences through The Weather Channel, Mother Jones, The Nation, and Scientific American — will ensure these stories travel widely and land with real impact.

But reporting like Julia O’Malley’s Alaskan adventure doesn’t come cheap. And it takes a team — reporters, photographers, editors, and staff — to make it happen.

I know demands for your charitable giving are high. But I hope you’ll consider a donation to FERN — or even better, a recurring donation — to help support our work.

We have some wonderful gifts on offer, including several of our print collections. Please contribute.

Tom Laskawy
Publisher & Executive Director