FERN featured in Dutch Newspaper

The Food & Environment Reporting Network (FERN) was recently the focus of a feature-length story in the Dutch national evening newspaper, NRC Handelsblad.

In her story “Journalism Beyond Recipes and Restaurants,” NRC reporter Grace Wermenbol explained how FERN operates as it shines a light on food, agriculture and environmental issues. She also highlighted some our stories, including Tracie McMillan’s, “As Common as Dirt,” which recently won a James Beard Journalism Award.

Editor in Chief Samuel Fromartz pointed out that FERN chooses stories that “affect the daily lives of everyone.” Executive Director Tom Laskawy explained that traditional food journalism focuses on “new recipes and restaurant reviews. At the same time, more and more journalists have lost their jobs while there is less money overall to do reporting on environmental issues.”

Added Laskawy: “We don’t have a political agenda. Our goal is to make people aware. If that leads to policy changes, that’s just a bonus.”

For more—and if you can read Dutch—check out the story here. Click on the image to view larger.

Dutch article of FERN story