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USDA proposes first-ever limit on sugar in school meals

Public schools would face their first-ever limit on sugar in the food they serve in their cafeterias as part of an Agriculture Department proposal for healthier meals. The USDA package called for a staggered phase-in of new standards on sugar, sodium, whole grains and flavored milk, but was criticized as costly and unworkable by school food directors.

After roller-coaster ride, food prices are back at starting point

Global food prices skyrocketed following the Russian invasion of Ukraine last February, but they have returned to earth, said the FAO Food Price Index, based on monthly changes in a basket of food commodities.

Label low- and no-calorie sweeteners, says sugar group

The Sugar Association, which describes itself as "the scientific voice of the U.S. sugar industry," petitioned the FDA on Wednesday to require clearer labeling of foods that contain alternative low- and no-calorie sweeteners. The FDA has six months to respond to the petition.

As U.S. sugar production plunges, USDA may allow larger imports

Freezing wet weather in the northern Plains has pummeled the sugarbeet crop and cut deeply into domestic sugar production. The USDA said it "fully intends to take appropriate actions to ensure an adequate supply of sugar," language likely to mean it will allow larger than usual imports of foreign-grown sugar.

Report: Sugar industry quashed health study with adverse results

Newly released documents from the 1960s show that the sugar industry funded research on sugar and cardiovascular health “and then buried the data when it suggested that sugar could be harmful,” says the New York Times.

Sugar usage to top output for first time in six years

Sugar consumption worldwide is forecast at a record 173 million tonnes this marketing year, the first time that usage has exceeded production since 2009/10, says the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service.

USDA asks sugar industry to support TPP

Agriculture Undersecretary Micheal Scuse asked the sugar industry at its summer meeting to support the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, reports DTN.

Deal with Mexico is cushion against sugar subsidy costs

The agreement by Mexico to limit its shipments of sugar to the U.S. market will reduce the chances of sugar program costs, says the think tank Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute.

Idaho aggies mull bill to prevent GMO food labeling

Led by sugar growers and processors, farm groups in Idaho are considering whether to push for a state law against labeling food made with genetically modified organisms, says Capital Press.

Sugar consumption to set record worldwide

World sugar consumption is forecast to set a record of 171 million tonnes this marketing year, sas USDA in a semi-annual report. At that volume, it will nearly catch up with sugar production, which has peaked at 177.6 million tonnes two years ago, creating...

US decides to impose duties on sugar from Mexico

The Commerce Department says it will impose countervailing duties of 3-17 percent on sugar imported from Mexico following a preliminary ruling that Mexico unfairly subsidized its producers, said the Financial Times.

U.S. will investigate sugar imports from Mexico

The Commerce Department announced it will open an investigation into charges that Mexico is dumping subsidized sugar in the United States