Farm bill debate: Eggs, animal welfare, and the ‘free trade zone’ of America

California’s animal welfare regulations, among the strictest in the nation, have spawned a series of court challenges. This week, those regulations became part of the farm bill debate. No paywall

Perdue names new head of Foreign Agricultural Service

On Thursday, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue appointed Ken Isley to be administrator of the Foreign Agricultural Service, which promotes U.S. farm exports, monitors food and agricultural issues worldwide, and has a role in U.S. food aid.

Trump: ‘I don’t want to go back into TPP’

When Japan and the United States begin a new round of trade talks, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said, they should be in the format of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the free trade agreement that was the bête noire of President Trump’s campaign.

ICE officers target upstate New York farmworker

Officers from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement targeted a farmworker in Rome, New York, in an early morning confrontation Wednesday. The officers detained the worker while his employer attempted to film the incident.

Today’s quick hits, April 20, 2018

Dicamba cases sprout like weeds (Arkansas Times): Two county courts have ruled that Arkansas farmers can use the weedkiller dicamba on their cotton and soybeans despite a state ban on doing so. Two more judges are to hear similar cases on Friday. Sucking carbon out of the sky (New York Times): …

GOP-controlled panel approves SNAP overhaul that Democrats say is unworkable

After Democrats spent three hours criticizing House Agriculture Committee chairman Michael Conaway’s plan to overhaul SNAP, the committee approved its draft of the farm bill on a party-line vote.

House committee considers SBA poultry loans

Members of the House Small Business Committee convened for a hearing Wednesday to discuss the findings of a recent report by the Office of the Inspector General on lending to poultry farmers.

Spanish pigs touch down in Georgia, birthing a new ham

For centuries, a coveted type of ham — jamón ibérico de bellota — has been produced from a special breed of pigs in Spain. Now a Georgia farmer is aiming to create an American version of the iconic food, writes Maryn McKenna in FERN’s latest story, produced with Eater. No paywall

Today’s quick hits, April 19, 2018

Rats! (Food & Water Watch): In a new report on Rose Acre Farms, which just recalled more than 200 million eggs after a salmonella outbreak at its North Carolina facility, the FDA said it had found an “ongoing rodent infestation” at the site. Farm bill moves to Senate (Kirsten Gillibrand): …