Trump’s immigration rhetoric roils farmers

Politico’s Bill Tomson writes today about farmers worried that surging Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s inflammatory statements on immigration will have long-lasting implications for farm labor.

High livestock production costs put France in an EU corner

Economic sanctions against Russia are magnifying the problems of French livestock producers, who have higher production costs than other EU members and nowhere to sell their animals in Europe's glutted meat market, says Politico.

Concerns over ‘The Other White Meat’

A U.S. Court of Appeals has allowed a lawsuit to go forward over payments between two pork organizations for the use of the iconic tagline, “Pork: the Other White Meat,” Politico reports.

Lobbying by the ‘good food’ sector is ‘limited to non-existent’

The "good food" sector, which includes Chipotle, Whole Foods and Applegate, are making inroads in the marketplace, but when it comes to policymaking, "their involvement on Capitol Hill, on issues from the farm bill to nutrition labeling, has ranged from limited to non-existent," says Politico.

Rural infrastructure fund makes first investments

The first round of funding for rural infrastructure projects was released by the year-old U.S. Rural Infrastructure Opportunity Fund that mixes public and private capital, said the USDA.

Five years later, update of U.S. food-safety system falters

A Politico investigation concludes that, "The Obama administration and Congress have all but squandered an opportunity to give the anemic Food and Drug Administration, which is responsible for the safety of 80 percent of the food supply, a level of oversight the public has long assumed it already had.

In Hawaii, TPP question is breakthrough or break down?

Trade officials from the 12 nations involved in Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations are in Hawaii in hopes of reaching final agreement on a free-trade pact encompassing 40 percent of world economic outlook, says Politico.

The $1 billion elephant in Iowa’s caucus rooms

Iowa gets the first word on presidential nominees through its precinct caucuses, scheduled for Feb. 1, so the Hawkeye State is awash with candidates who are trying to build a bond with voters. "Yet for all their love for everyday Iowans, none of the candidates is getting anywhere near the biggest crisis to hit the state in years - one of the worst animal health emergencies in U.S. history," says Politico Magazine.

House leaders set Friday showdown on fast track for trade

Republican leaders in the House "are setting up a showdown vote Friday on the fast-track trade bill that the Obama administration says will clear the way for wrapping up negotiations on a Pacific Rim agreement," says Agri-Pulse.

Ag panel members help stall fast-track package

President Obama's request for fast-track authority on trade agreements was in limbo after the House voted 302-126 against one of the elements of the package. That's a ratio of more than 2-to-1.