House Budget Committee

Debt relief for minority farmers needs more thought, say critics

The House Budget Committee approved an estimated $4 billion of debt relief for minority farmers on Monday as part of a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package on Monday, with one member protesting that the aid was unfair. The CBO said due to incomplete data, the cost of paying off USDA loans …

House Ag panel quietly asks for more farm bill money

The leaders of the House Agriculture Committee said aloud, albeit softly, what they have hinted for weeks — they want more money for the 2018 farm bill than is being spent under current law. Chairman Michael Conaway phrased the request to the Budget Committee as a need for "budget flexibility" for the farm bill while the committee's senior Democrat, Collin Peterson, said "we may need a little more."

Block grant could cut food stamp rolls by 10 mln people

The food-stamp cuts proposed by the House Budget Committee, if implemented, could force states to cut enrollment by 10 mln people or to reduce benefits by $40 a month, says the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities.

Ryan budget would cut food stamps, farm supports

The fiscal 2015 budget resolution proposed by House Budget chairman Paul Ryan again calls for converting food stamps to a block grant program run by states.

House GOP to propose food stamp block grant again

House Budget chairman Paul Ryan will propose converting food stamps into a block grant program for the states to run, Roll Call says in a preview of Ryan's budget resolution for fiscal 2015.