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A global commitment to simplify and standardize ‘sell by’ labels

The board of the Consumer Goods Forum, which includes 400 of the biggest goods companies in 70 countries, used Climate Week to call on foodmakers and retailers to standardize the "Sell by," "Use by" and "Best before" labels that confuse consumers and contribute to food waste. The industry "call to action" dovetails with a UN goal of reducing food waste by 50 percent by 2030.

To reduce waste, put ‘Best if used by’ on packages, says USDA

The USDA meat safety agency updated its guidance to foodmakers and retailers to encourage the use of the phrase "Best if used by" on packages that carry a product date. "This new guidance can help consumers save money and curb the amount of wholesome food going in the trash," said Al Almanza, deputy undersecretary for food safety.