The Case of the Shrinking Salmon

In “Trouble at sea,” a story published in partnership with bioGraphic, Miranda Weiss explores the reasons why Pacific salmon are shrinking in size. Hatchery salmon, from the booming aquaculture industry, routinely escape into the ocean, where they compete with wild salmon for a food supply already diminished by climate change.

We saw shares of the story on NewsBreak (local news app), Sport Fishing BC (sport fishing forum), and someone from the Bristol Bay Fishermen’s Association reached out to let us know that they’d be sharing the story internally with their members who fish commercially in Bristol Bay.

The reporter, Miranda Weiss, was interviewed on Oregon Public Radio to talk about the story.

We saw good engagement for the story on Instagram, including from SEJ (1.5K followers), Esther Honig (reporter, 1.6K followers), Christian Letourneau (Los Angeles-based cook & writer, 700 followers), Richard Ellis (photographer, 900 followers), Kathleen Willcox (journalist, 19.1K followers), Maria Finn (reporter, 1.2K followers), George Steinmetz (photographer, 1.1M followers), Youth for Climate India (enviro conservation org, 12.1K followers), Nature’s Farm Camp (enviro learning center in Illinois, 740 followers), (grassroots nonprofit centered on bee habitat conservation, 35.3K followers), CloverCroft Farm (regenerate and organic farm in Ontario, Canada, 1.6K followers), and Rio Grande Grain (group that connects heritage grain enthusiasts in northern New Mexico, 680 followers).

Our media partner for this story, bioGraphic, reaches an online audience of 400K readers a month, and has a social media following of 277K.

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