FERN Travels to Brazil to Report on Beef and Deforestation

In “Brazil’s Amazon beef plan will ‘legalize deforestation’ say critics,” published with The Guardian, Brian Barth and Flávia Milhorance explain that the beef industry’s hopes for a planned deforestation-free farming zone will tempt buyers back, but many fear it will drive up illegal clearing in the Amazon.

Our media partner for this story, The Guardian, reaches 80.5 million online readers a month, as well as 2 million social media users. They shared the piece as part of their “Animals Farmed” series, which explores the modern farming industry. Alongside the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the series focuses on the impact of the global industrialization of meat and seafood and its impact on our planet, animals and people. That story link was engaged with over 2,700 times on Twitter. 

Additional Twitter engagements were seen from Clare Horton (6,500 followers, Guardian journalist), Tom Phillips, (82,000 followers, Guardian journalist), Dan Collyns (6,000 followers, Guardian journalist), Fiona Harvey (30,000 followers, BBC journalist), Mike Heymsfield (Animal Legal Defense Fund), and Charbel Saad (International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations).

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