FERN Talks & Eats Brooklyn 2022

Join us at our first in-person fundraising event since 2020! It takes place on the evening of October 24th at 501 Union in Brooklyn. Our panel addresses the question: Will climate change alter the beer and wine we drink?

The climate crisis has come to the forefront of concerns in agriculture, with devastating droughts and floods regularly making headlines. But climate change is also having a significant effect on the global wine and beer industries, upending harvests, altering suitable grape and grain varieties, and shifting favorable growing zones. How will vintners and brewers, especially those who eschew industrial methods, respond? In this conversation, we’ll hear from:

– Wine writer Alice Feiring — proclaimed “the queen of natural wines” by the Financial Times — will talk about what she’s seen and what she’s worried about in the future.

Garrett Oliver — Brewmaster, The Brooklyn Brewery and Editor-in-Chief, The Oxford Companion to Beer will talk about the ancient and African grains he’s now using to brew climate resilient beers.

Rowan Jacobsen — James Beard award-winning author of several food books will talk about how the northeast has become a hotbed for winemaking as the climate has warmed.

Complimentary beverages (non-alcoholic drinks, beer, and wine) are included with a ticket. You’ll be able to enjoy a range of natural wines as well as beers made from ancient grains and form your own opinions about what the future holds!

Even better, help us raise the funds we need for 2023 by splurging on a tax-deductible VIP ticket to gain access to an exclusive reception with the speakers and the FERN team and enjoy bites by chef Aaron Unger and Night Kitchen Catering.

We hope to see you at this wonderful evening. Get your tickets now and take advantage of early bird pricing.