U.S. wins again at WTO, though compliance by China may be months away

The WTO ruled in favor of the United States in its complaint that China had rigged its tariff system to constrict entry of foreign-grown grain. The ruling was the second U.S. victory in seven weeks against trade-distorting Chinese agricultural practices.

U.S. complaint about Chinese ag tariffs goes to WTO panel

The United States forced the creation of a WTO dispute panel to hear its complaint that China unfairly blocks imports of U.S. corn, wheat and rice, reported Reuters. When it filed the complaint last Dec. 15, the Obama administration said U.S. farmers lost as much as $3.5 billion in sales because China, the largest customer for U.S. ag exports, used so-called tariff-rate quotas (TRQs) to favor domestic producers.

Mexico beats U.S. at WTO over ‘dolphin-safe’ tuna case

The World Trade Organization sided with Mexico over the U.S. in a long-running dispute over labeling on Mexican tuna imported into America. The regulatory body gave Mexico the green light to seek $163 million each year that the U.S. bans it from using the term “dolphin-safe” on its tuna-can labels.