Swedes serve up the first CRISPR-meal: fried veggie pasta

Umeå University in northern Sweden claims credit for serving “a meal for the future:” CRISPRy-fried vegetables over tagliatelle, a type of flat pasta similar to fettucine. An Umeå researcher and a reporter from a Radio Sweden gardening show harvested the gene-edited cabbage that was used in …

Study: Baby fish prefer plastic

Baby fish prefer plastic particles to the zooplankton that makes up their natural diet, according to a study published in the journal Science. The researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden "found that the larval fish that were exposed to microplastic particles displayed a shift in behavior and stunted growth," reports The Christian Science Monitor in an article on the study.

Hunters, farmers and greens argue over Sweden’s wolves

There are perhaps 415 wolves in Sweden and the predator has created an uproar among farmers, hunters and environmentalists in the province of Varmland, with the EU involved as well, reports the New York Times.

“Land grabs” re-shape global farm ownership map

"China, the U.S., Britain, Germany, Singapore and a small group of other nations account for the majority of global land acquisition" according to research by Sweden's Lund University, says the Thomson Reuters Foundation.