Consolidation and climate change threaten U.S. fisheries, say FERN panelists

While overfishing no longer threatens U.S. fisheries, other pressing sustainability issues, such as finfish aquaculture and consolidation, top the list of concerns among fishers and fisheries experts, according to panelists who spoke at FERN Talks and Eats in New York City on Monday.(No paywall)

Tiny pieces of plastic found in seafood at the supermarket

The world started paying attention to the problem of plastic trash in the ocean when seabirds turned up with plastic rings from six-packs of beer twisted about their necks. Now researchers say tiny bits of degraded plastic are showing up in fish and shellfish at the grocery store, says CBC News.

Voluntary limits to blame for Puget Sound pollution, law center says

“Washington state and federal government spend taxpayer money on programs designed to fix the pollution problem, but recently only two of 17 reporting regions in Puget Sound showed any improvements in water quality,” says the Western Environmental Law Center.

FDA approves irradiation for shellfish

The Food and Drug Administration approved the use of irradiation to kill pathogens in shellfish. In a step requested by the National Fisheries Institute, FDA said there are no health risks so the process can be used...