Canada beats U.S. in pork sales to China

After almost completely removing the growth-promoting drug ractopamine from its pigs, Canada is outpacing the U.S. in pork sales to China, where the drug is banned. Canada has only beat out the U.S. in pork sales a handful of times in the last 20 years, says Reuters.

Taiwan official retreats on U.S. pork imports

Agriculture Minister Tsao Chi-hung back-pedaled on earlier statements that Taiwan would have no choice but to allow imports of U.S. pork raised with use of growth stimulant ractopamine, said The China Post. The newspaper said U.S. officials have indicated that removal of the ban is a pre-condition for Taiwan to join the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.

A roadblock for livestock drug that boosts weight

Efforts by drugmaker Merck to re-introduce its growth-promoting drug Zilmax to the market are "stuck in a kind of veterinary purgatory," says the NPR blog The Salt.

Lawsuit challenges FDA on drug used to fatten food animals

A lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco challenges FDA approval of several ractopamine-based animal drugs. The Humane Society of the United States, the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the United Farm Workers union says...

China bars pork from six US plants over feed additive

China barred pork imports from six U.S. processing plants and six cold storage facilities as part of its ban on the feed additive ractopamine, which helps hogs gain weight more rapidly, said Reuters.