Take one desert, add quinoa. Is it a new California crop?

In the scorching hot Imperial Valley at the southern end of California, Bryce Lundberg stands chest-high in quinoa, "a crop that is thriving in an unexpected place," says the Los Angeles Times in a front-page story. "If the harvest proves profitable here, California could dominate yet another niche crop, as the grain-like seed graduates from health-craze fad to a popular ingredient in energy bars, cereals and even drinks."

Study: Peruvians can still afford to eat quinoa

Forget the rumors: quinoa’s international popularity hasn’t made the Peruvian grain too expensive for Peruvians, says NPR.

Ag giants Australia and United States eye quinoa

Two of the world's leading grain exporters "are racing to become mass producers" of gluten-free quinoa, native to South America and the world's newest super food, says Reuters.

Quinoa, from the Andes to the Persian Gulf

The United Arab Emirates, after successful field trials in 2014, is working with its farmers to establish quinoa as a commercial crop on the Arabian peninsula, says Food Navigator.

Who owns quinoa, the Andean grain?

Quinoa, a resilient and nutritious grain, is gaining popularity worldwide. It is a complete protein and contains significant amounts of iron, calcium, fiber and fatty acids.