Will Chicagoans go hazelnutty over the Nutella Cafe?

The world’s first Nutella Cafe is set to open on Chicago’s famed Michigan Avenue in a location abutting Grant Park, whose grassy and wooded expanse leads to the Lake Michigan shoreline, says Eater.

Nutella producer: Back off our palm oil

The maker of Nutella says the hazelnut spread would never be as good without palm oil, reports Reuters. The Italian company, Ferrero, defended the oil after a European Food Safety Authority report suggested that it is potentially carcinogenic when heated above 390 degrees Fahrenheit. The oil is regularly heated to high temperatures in industry manufacturing to remove its red color and odor.

Maybe this will help FDA decide how to classify Nutella

"Sweety con Nutella" is the name that McDonald's gave the new dessert sold at outlets in Italy — "essentially a Nutella 'burger,'" says news site Brand Eating. Sold in a clam-shell box that mimics a hamburger container, "it's two halves of a bun sandwiching a layer of Nutella hazelnut spread."