Native American

Claim: Aquaculture company offered to pay tribe to stop complaining about net pens

Cooke Aquaculture — the company responsible for the estimated 105,000 farmed salmon that spilled out of a ripped net and into Puget Sound this summer — offered to pay the Lummi Nation an extra $12 per fish if the tribe would not push for the prohibition of net-pen aquaculture.

California bill would protect ‘socially disadvantaged’ farmers

A new bill in California aims to better support the state’s minority and female farmers. The Farmer Equity Act of 2017 “applies to producers that have been federally classified as ‘socially disadvantaged,’ which includes people in groups whose members have been subject to racial, ethnic, or gender prejudice,” says Civil Eats.

Groups debate fishing rules for Hawaiian national monument

The Honolulu-based Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council is in the midst of a debate about changing the rules governing non-commercial fishing in the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument since the monument’s size was quadrupled by the Obama administration.

Louisiana tribes fight to sustain their foodways as the ocean rises

In Louisiana, rising sea levels are threatening the traditional foodways of tribes that for hundreds of years have found their sustenance on the land and in the water, says Barry Yeoman in FERN’s latest story, "Reclaiming Native Ground," in partnership with The Lens and Gravy, the podcast of the Southern Foodways Alliance.

Feds try to please everyone with new salmon and steelhead management plan

Federal officials are crafting an agreement to divide the steelhead and salmon catch in the Columbia River watershed between tribal, sport and commercial fishermen, says The Seattle Times. The plan would cover fishing rights in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington State, probably for the next 10 years if the length of previous agreements is any indicator.

Native Americans will be among hardest hit by climate change

In the U.S., Native Americans will be some of the hardest hit by climate change, says The Smithsonian, and water—or a lack of it—will be at the heart of their struggle.

Environmentalists say Utah’s Public Lands proposal is DOA

While the Malheur occupation continues in Oregon, a potentially bigger public lands debate is unfolding in southeast Utah. Last week, after three years of debate and 1,200 community meetings, Reps. Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz, revealed their Public Lands Initiative.