Critics say a lack of diversity among nutrition professionals skews America’s understanding of dietary health

In the U.S., the field of dietetics and nutrition — and, accordingly, the corps of professionals who shape how Americans understand dietary health, in part by helping draft the national dietary guidelines — has a diversity problem. Over 71 percent of the country’s registered dietitians are white, and unpaid internships and high tuition costs create barriers to entry that have made the field an increasingly elite profession. (No paywall)

With Trump rule, food-insecure immigrants have few options

The pandemic has exacerbated food insecurity for households across the country, but undocumented immigrants and mixed-status families have faced unique challenges. That’s in part because they’ve been excluded from the momentary salve of government relief efforts, from stimulus checks to enhanced unemployment benefits. But it also stems from the Trump administration’s hostile immigration policies and rhetoric — and notably the president’s changes to the “public charge” rule, which has led many to shy away even from benefits for which they are eligible. (No paywall)

Immigrants cautious of food assistance in Trump era, experts say

Undocumented immigrants have become cautious of seeking food aid in the Trump era because of fears they could be targeted for deportation, said a panel of food security experts last week in San Francisco.

Right-wing radio host apologizes to Chobani for lies about refugees

Alex Jones, the right-wing host of the radio show InfoWars, says he was wrong to link the Greek yogurt company Chobani LLC and its owner, Hamdi Ulukaya, to a 2016 child-sex-abuse scandal and a rise in tuberculosis cases in Twin Falls, Idaho, where the company is located.

Arizona farm accused of mistreating guest workers from Mexico

The U.S. Department of Labor is charging Santiago Gonzalez, the owner of G Farms in El Mirage, Ariz., with housing roughly 70 Mexican workers in dangerous conditions and paying them below the legal minimum.

Immigrants refuse food stamps over deportation fears

Nervous that applying for food stamps will hurt their immigration status or put them at risk of deportation, immigrants are dropping food relief services. “Officials at Manna Food Center in Montgomery County, Md., report that about 20 percent of the 561 families they have helped apply for food stamps, or SNAP benefits, in the past few months have asked that their cases be closed,” says NPR.

Building a border wall will be ‘complex in some areas,’ says Zinke

There are geographic and physical challenges to building a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico that will be "complex in some areas," Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said during a tele-conference. The Associated Press said Zinke cited the task of building the wall in Big Bend National Park and along the Rio Grande River, which forms nearly half of the border.

Higher wages aren’t enough to fill farm labor jobs formerly held by immigrants

California farms are becoming the testing ground for the argument that wages and job prospects for American workers will improve when undocumented immigrants are not available. "So far, the results aren't encouraging for farmers or domestic workers," says the Los Angeles Times, despite offers of higher pay.

‘A day without immigrants’ protests hit several cities

Protests highlighting "A day without immigrants" are planned in several cities across the United States on Thursday in a show of opposition to Trump administration immigration policies. A flier advocating the protest, which harken back to demonstrations in 2006, calls on immigrants to stay out of work, close their businesses, avoid buying gas, and not attend class nor send their children to school.

Big Soda wants Bay Area voters to think soda tax is a grocery tax

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the beverage industry is spending millions to convince voters that the proposed soda tax will raise their grocery prices, not just the cost of sugary drinks, says Bridget Huber in FERN’s latest story, produced with PRI’s The World.