FDA delays compliance date for new Nutrition Facts label

The Food and Drug Administration decided foodmakers need more time to put the updated Nutrition Facts label on their packages and said it will allow additional time beyond the July 28, 2018, deadline set two years ago. The new deadline will be announced later, said the agency, to the applause of the food industry and the dismay of consumer groups.

Foodmaker group to pay $1.1 million in costs in GMO case

A Washington state judge ordered the Grocer Manufacturers Association to pay $1.1 million in costs and fees in a campaign finance lawsuit stemming from the state referendum over GMO food labeling in 2013. The trade group previously was fined $18 million for violating state campaign laws, the largest penalty ever.

Obama will sign GMO disclosure bill despite pleas for a veto

Two decades after U.S. farmers began cultivating genetically engineered crops, the United States is headed for mandatory nationwide disclosure of GMO ingredients in food, reversing the long-standing federal policy that labels are not needed because the foods are safe to eat.

Washington state seeks penalties against GMA in GMO lawsuit

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson asked a court Monday to grant summary judgment and penalties for the Grocery Manufacturers Association in a suit stemming from the group's campaign against GMO labeling. GMA, a Washington D.C.-based trade association, was the largest donor to the “No on 522” campaign, which sought to block genetic labeling requirements in 2013.

In GMO labeling war, foodmakers unveil “smart” labels

Foodmakers and one of the largest U.S. grocery chains launched the SmartLabel campaign that will allow customers to learn about products by scanning bar and QR codes or searching the Internet. The technology will include information by the end of 2017 on whether 20,000 food items contain GMOs, said the trade group Grocery Manufacturers Association.

Appellate hearing looms for Vermont GMO labeling law

Lawyers for the Grocery Manufacturers Association will make a last-ditch attempt on Thursday to prevent Vermont's first-in-the-name GMO food labeling law from taking effect. says Food Navigator. A federal district judge refused to issue an injunction so GMA will present arguments to the U.S. appeals court in New York City.