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Cargill, a meatpacker, invests in California ‘clean meat’ company

Memphis Meats, a San Francisco Bay–area company that is developing technology to grow meat from self-reproducing cells, raised $17 million in funding from investors that included Cargill, one of the largest U.S. meatpackers. “Cargill’s investment is the first by a traditional meat company in to the ‘clean meat’ sector,” said Drovers CattleNetwork.

McDonald’s to test home delivery in three Florida cities

Making fast food faster? Nearly 200 McDonald’s restaurants in Orlando, Tampa and Miami will test home delivery of the company’s food beginning in January, says Fortune. “The company hopes to roll out worldwide mobile ordering by 2018, starting with leading markets including the United States, …

The future of ‘meat’: A Q&A with Bruce Friedrich

Bruce Friedrich is executive director of the Good Food Institute, which collaborates with scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors to develop and promote plant-based alternatives to meat, milk and eggs. FERN’s Kristina Johnson called Friedrich to ask him about the future of plant-based proteins.