food loss

New report outlines opportunities to use the farm bill to cut food waste

A new report urges Congress to make reducing food waste a priority in the 2023 farm bill in order to address climate change and hunger while benefiting the economy. The U.S. wastes more than one-third of the food it produces and imports, according to the report, published last week by the Harvard Law School Food Law and Policy Clinic, the Natural Resources Defense Council, ReFED and the World Wildlife Fund.

France is tops, U.S. is No. 21, in food sustainability rankings

Top place in the 2017 Food Sustainability Index goes to a repeat winner, France, followed by Japan, Germany, Spain, and Sweden, says the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Study casts doubt on food waste ‘facts’

Nearly every article on food waste includes these stats: 40 percent of food in this country, worth $165 billion, is wasted each year. But a study from the University of Minnesota’s Department of Applied Economics says that those numbers are only estimates and may actually be inaccurate.

UN creates on-line database on how to reduce food loss

Three UN agencies joined to launch a database on the Internet of proven methods to reduce food loss and waste, which now claim one-third of food production each year.