factory farm

A much-debated Costco plant draws more ire from Nebraskans

When the plan for a new Costco chicken-processing plant in Fremont, Nebraska, was announced in 2016, it drew angry local protests. Now large-scale chicken farms that will supply the plant are popping up across the state, causing a new round of protests amid concerns about environmental and health effects.

Environmental groups call for ban on new factory farms

Leaders from Food & Water Watch, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, and Des Moines Water Works gathered in Iowa Monday to call for a national ban on large-scale industrial, or “factory,” farms. In calling for the ban, the groups cited the negative impacts that confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) have had on farmers, animals, eaters, and the environment.

Perdue nixes contract clause that ‘gagged’ farmers

Perdue will no longer require farmers to request permission before visually or audibly documenting their chicken operations, says Tom Philpott in Mother Jones.

New tactic to combat factory farming: a divestment campaign

"The issue is still low on the radar of most investors," says The Guardian in a story on an emerging campaign for divestment from factory farming.

EPA chief on “ditch the myths” tour of Missouri

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy is to visit a Rocheport, Mo, farm today and speak to the Kansas City Agribusiness Council on Thursday in defense of new clean water regulations. Farm groups loudly oppose the Waters of the United States proposal as a power grab. The EPA says the rule reflects a Supreme Court decision and does not expand its reach.