Lawsuits allege conspiracy by chicken processors to raise broiler prices

The biggest poultry processors in the United States face widespread allegations that they colluded to raise prices over the course of 10 years in the $30-billion broiler chicken market. In just three weeks, two grocery retailers and the country’s two biggest food distribution companies filed lawsuits against Tyson Foods, Perdue Farms, Pilgrim’s Pride, Koch Farms, Sanderson Farms, and others. (No paywall)

Links in food chain are out of public view

When it comes to transparency on the source of fruits and vegetables, "Only country of origin need be shared," writes Elizabeth Grossman in Mother Jones in an article prompted by her attempt to trace-back the Mexican-grown mango that she bought in a Portland, Ore, grocery store. Retailers are required under a 2009 law to display the country of origin of its produce. As Grossman learned, produce distributors regard the names of their growers and packers as confidential business information and there is no legal obligation to share them with the public.