Fungicides may be factor in bee population decline

Scientists at Cornell University "found a shocker" when they analyzed two dozen environmental factors that may be at play in the decline in bumblebee populations: "Fungicides," says a Cornell release. "The scientists discovered what they call 'landscape-scale' connections between fungicide usage, pathogen prevalence and declines of endangered U.S. bumblebees."

Varroa mite more prevalent than thought among honeybees

A five-year survey of parasites and diseases affecting honeybee colonies found the varroa mite, regarded as a major factor in population declines, "is far more abundant than previous estimates indicated and is closely linked to several damaging viruses," says Feedstuffs.

Wild bumblebees are up for endangered species status

Federal wildlife biologists are considering whether to declare wild bumblebees endangered, reports The Denver Post.