Almond Board of California

Report: Nut farmers expanded as drought deepened in California

As California declared multiple drought emergencies and imposed mandatory water restrictions on residents in recent years, the state’s almond farmers expanded their orchards by a remarkable 78 percent, according to new research by Food & Water Watch.

Almond-based plastics?

The Almond Board of California is launching a research initiative to find uses for the byproducts of almond processing, which includes the hulls and shells, says the Business Journal of Fresno, Calif. The results could be biodegradable plastics and additives for pharmaceuticals or biofuels, according to Glenda Humiston of University of California's Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

California’s WaterFix won’t fix much, experts say

Known as WaterFix, California’s proposed $15-billion water project to divert the Sacramento River won’t bring much more water to farmers or cities, says the Los Angeles Times.

Salty irrigation water is a peril for California almond growers

The drought in California is creating an unexpected threat to the state's almond growers. Water drawn from wells on the west side of Central California is high in salt, says Valley Public Radio in Fresno, which could adversely affect crop yields.