Today’s quick hits, October 27, 2023

CRP in limbo: The expiration of the 2018 farm law on Oct. 1 has stranded the land-idling Conservation Reserve Program, and the USDA cannot offer new contracts, revise existing contracts, or process applications to enroll cropland in the reserve. (National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition)

Brand loyalty’s limits: Consumers believe brand-name beverages taste better and will buy them even if the store brand is much cheaper, but there is little brand loyalty when it comes to fresh meats, vegetables, or fruits, according to a survey of 1,200 people. (Purdue)

Grain corridor is open: Ukraine’s deputy prime minister said the Black Sea grain corridor was in operation, contradicting market reports that ship traffic had been suspended due to threats of attack by Russian warplanes. (Reuters)

Farm, food aid proposed: A White House request for $56 billion in disaster relief includes $2.8 billion for farmers to offset crop losses, $1 billion for international food aid using U.S.-produced food, and $220 million to prevent a wage cut for wildland firefighters. (White House)

Climate funds and CAFOs: The USDA’s updated list of practices eligible for climate mitigation funding, such as using manure storage facilities and methane digesters, will lead to a proliferation of factory farm biogas and worsen global warming, said a coalition of environmental and small-farm groups. (Food and Water Watch)