A farm-to-table restaurant confronts climate change — head on

The SingleThread restaurant in Northern California’s Sonoma County is best known for multi-course meals that have won it widespread acclaim and three Michelin stars. What’s less well known is that the farm-to-table restaurant, now facing a pandemic, is already confronting the ravages of climate change, from fires to floods, that threaten its existence, according to FERN’s latest story, produced in collaboration with Eater.

“Navigating climate disasters has become less an occasional disruption than a way of life” for the business, which includes the restaurant, an inn, and the farm, writes Betsy Andrews. SingleThread “has become a focal point of extreme events propelled by climate change, transforming the image of the region from an agrarian fantasia into one of near-constant existential crisis.”

She says the restaurant’s “experience, though in some respects rarefied, presents a preview of the future of dining amid the realities of the Anthropocene.”

You can read the story at FERN or at the Eater site.