Wall Street Journal

Senate Republicans to target food stamps for big cuts

The budget package expected next week from Senate Republicans would convert the food-stamp program into something "similar to a block grant," says the Wall Street Journal, based on interviews with lawmakers and aides.

Vilsack indicates he’ll color inside the lines on dietary guide

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack indicated during an interview that he will not consider environmental sustainability during an overhaul of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, said the Wall Street Journal.

Nutrition advisor Sam Kass leaving White House-Report

Sam Kass, nutrition policy advisor at the White House and executive director of the Let's Move! initiative against childhood obesity, is leaving the White House, says the Wall Street Journal.

Ignoring limits on tuna catches

A large Chinese fishing company declared in a draft document "that it intended to circumvent international conservation limits on tuna – by simply ignoring them" with little fear of discipline for it, says the Guardian.

WTO rules against US meat-label rules for second time

The World Trade Organization has ruled in favor of Canada and Mexico in the six-year-old dispute over U.S. rules that require packages of beef, pork and poultry to carry labels saying where the meat was produced, says the Wall Street Journal.

Monsanto expects to sell new herbicide-tolerant soy in 2016

Monsanto Co, the giant seed company, expects to begin sales in 2016 of soybeans engineered for tolerance to a wider range of herbicides, says the St Louis Business Journal.