Urban School Food Alliance

Boston joins big-city alliance for healthy school meals

The Urban School Food Alliance, whose members serve a combined 3.7 million students across the nation, nearly doubled its membership this year, gaining five members, with Boston as the newest one.

Three more districts join big-city alliance that stresses healthy school food

School districts serving Philadelphia, Baltimore and Las Vegas joined the Urban School Food Alliance, which now serves 3.6 million students in 10 of the largest U.S. districts with a combined $735 million a year in purchases of food and supplies. The alliance launched a procurement initiative in 2014 for antibiotic-free chicken, and said this year that its members would not relax school lunch standards despite a USDA offer of flexibility on salt and whole grains.

Six big US school districts specify antibiotic-free chicken

The Urban School Food Alliance, composed of six of the largest U.S. school districts, announced its members want antibiotic-free chicken to serve in their cafeterias.