University of Vermont

Students select – and waste – more fruits, veggies for lunch

Digital imaging of lunchtime at two elementary schools showed more students putting fruits and vegetables on their cafeteria trays, a goal of the 2010 school-lunch reforms. But they also ate less of the fruits and vegetables and discarded more, says a study by University of Vermont scientists.

White House defers to FDA on GMO food-labeling petitions

The White House responded to two petitions for labeling of foods made with genetically modified organisms by deferring to the expertise of the FDA, which has been studying the question for more than two years.

Hillside erosion is 100 times faster when land is cleared

Soil erosion occurs 100 times faster on hillsides that are cleared of trees and converted to farmland, based on studies of 10 large river basins in the U.S. Southeast, says research led by a University of Vermont geologist.