University of Minnesota

Study says Midwest streams emit more nitrous oxide than thought

A study led by U-Minnesota scientists says emissions of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas, from Midwest streams may be much larger than thought.

Comfort food may be overrated as path to happiness

The power of comfort food, be it ice cream, artisanal chocolate or Mom's meatloaf, to cure a bout of the blues may be overrated, says the New York Times, describing a study by University of Minnesota researchers.

New strain is found of lethal hog disease PEDv

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have found a new strain - the third variety - of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, a disease that has killed at least eight million baby pigs, says Reuters.

Drought is worst in 1,200 years for California

Two researchers collected new tree-ring samples from blue oak trees in central and southern California to see how the state's three-year drought compares to weather in the past.

Healthier diets could mean less greenhouse gases

Researchers at the University of Minnesota say large-scale adoption of "traditional" diets rich in fruits, vegetables and fish would mean lower volumes of greenhouse gases than the diet that commonly accompanies rising incomes around the world...

Crop growers face more financial stress in 2015

Economists at the annual Ag Bankers Conference said crop growers will face more stress in 2015, says Farm Futures. "Some farmers may need to restructure debt to keep cash flowing the next two years, says...

Ag needs bigger view to win research money-Glickman

The agriculture sector should broaden its coalitions so it can land more research money, said Dan Glickman, former agriculture secretary, in a speech at the American Association for the Advancement of Science.