UN Food and Agriculture Organization

Widespread drought in East Africa brings starvation risk

Up to 20 million people in drought-struck parts of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia could face acute food insecurity by September as livestock and crops struggle to survive, said 14 humanitarian and meteorological agencies. Four rainy seasons in a row have failed, a streak not seen in 40 years, and forecasts say there is a concrete risk that the October, November and December rains could fail, too.

Poultry to account for half of world increase in meat consumption

Global meat consumption will grow by 12 percent in the coming decade, with lower-cost poultry accounting for half of the increase, said the OECD and FAO on Thursday. Their jointly produced Agricultural Outlook report also said that aquaculture would overtake "capture fisheries" as the leading source of fish worldwide by 2024.

UN: Global food prices are lowest in 30 months

Led by “much weaker” vegetable oil, dairy, and grain prices, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s index of global food prices fell to its lowest level since May 2016. The price of vegetable oil dropped to a 12-year low.

Indiana mega-farmer to represent U.S. at UN food agencies

President Trump has selected Indiana mega-farmer Kip Tom, long rumored to be in the running for an administration appointment, to become the U.S. representative to the UN agencies for food and agriculture, the White House said on Wednesday.

FAO food index is highest since November

Propelled by stronger grain and dairy prices, the Food Price Index rose for the second month in a row and is at its highest level since last November, said the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Ending five-year decline, world food prices climb 8.2 percent in 2017

World food prices are on the rise for the first time since 2011, according to the Food Price Index of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

FAO sees high risk of hunger in eight nations, famine possible in three

In a “global early warning” report, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization lists eight nations with a high risk of hunger and says famine is possible in three of them: Yemen, South Sudan, and Somalia.

Largest global grain harvest ever keeps prices steady

The bigger-than-expected corn crop in the United States is helping to drive world cereal grain production to a record for the second year in a row, said the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Scientists propose global research alliance to meet world food needs

The world’s need for food is growing faster than the projected supply, says a group of crop scientists in proposing the formation of a broad-based research network to develop new varieties and mitigate the impact of climate change on world hunger. Writing in the journal Science, the scientists say that the fruitful international collaboration on wheat, which began with the Green Revolution of the 1960s, can be a template for work on many crops.

Drought brings alarming levels of hunger in Madagascar

After three years of drought and crop failures, nearly 850,000 people in Madagascar are experiencing alarming levels of hunger, with 330,000 of them on the brink of famine, says the Guardian. The outlet reported huge funding shortfalls for hunger relief work in seven countries across southern Africa.