U.S. House of Representatives

Leaders of all House committees call for hunger conference

In a letter to President Biden, the leaders of every House committee said on Wednesday that the pandemic had revealed the extent of hunger in America. "We call on you to convene a national conference on food, nutrition, hunger, and health ... to design a roadmap to end hunger in America by 2030," they wrote.

Bustos to run ‘heartland engagement’ as House Dems work for majority

House Democrats are targeting often-conservative rural districts in their drive to gain control of the House in the 2018 midterms, and the DCCC has named Rep. Cheri Bustos of Illinois to lead the effort.

House companion is filed to Senate ‘blue card’ for farm workers

Thirty members of the U.S. House of Representatives—all Democrats—introduced a bill to give legal status to undocumented immigrants working in U.S. agriculture and to their families as well.

After healthcare vote, two House Ag races in toss-ups

Two Republicans on the House Agriculture Committee, Jeff Denham of California and Don Bacon of Nebraska, are toss-ups for re-election following their votes for the GOP-drafted health care bill, said the political newsletter Sabato's Crystal Ball. The races, previously rated as "leans Republican," are in districts where Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ran well, according to the newsletter.

In first House election in Trump era, Democratic hopes soar in Kansas

Kansas is an intensely Republican state, yet Democrats have hopes of an upset in the first U.S. House race in the age of Trump, a special election today to replace Mike Pompeo, who quit Congress to become CIA director. The Democratic nominee, civil rights lawyer James Thompson, "has spooked Republicans in Washington" with a Bernie-Sanders-style campaign, says The Nation.

Trying to upset a King of the Hill in Iowa congressional race

Rick Bertrand hopes to turn conservative firebrand Steve King, who backed ethanol skeptic Ted Cruz in the Iowa presidential caucuses, into the first Republican incumbent to lose a House primary race this year. If Bertrand scores in the Iowa primary today, it will be an upset if only because incumbents have won renomination 98 percent of the time since 1946.

“Two different worlds based on population density”

Republican candidates for the U.S. House won in 82 percent of counties in last fall's general election "and Democrats did best in the most densely populated counties," says the Daily Yonder.

Vilsack urges House “pass something” on immigration reform

AgSec Vilsack, saying "there is no question the opportunity for immigration reform is now," urged House Republican leaders to "pass something so you create a vehicle" for a House-Senate compromise.

Boehner mocks House GOP for immigration inaction

Speaker John Boehner faulted his fellow House Republicans as unwilling to act on immigration reform during a speech to a service club in his Ohio district, says the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Democrats try new tactic to get House vote on immigration

House Democrats say they will distribute memos in 30 congressional districts to encourage Republican lawmakers to sign the discharge petition petition and force a floor vote on comprehensive immigration reform, says Roll Call.