Companies join White House on climate pledge

Thirteen of the largest U.S. companies "are joining President Obama" to push "a slew of policies meant to curb the effects of climate change," said The Hill newspaper.

At Ag Summit, Bush and Cruz speak against ethanol mandate

Two potential aspirants for the Republican nomination for president, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz spoke against an ethanol mandate at the Iowa Ag Summit, according to reports in the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Senate may vote this week on Section 179 tax break

The Senate is expected "in the coming days to restore more than 50 tax breaks, all of which expired at the end of 2013, just through the end of this year," including the Section 179 business expensing provision, says The Hill newspaper.

Pompeo hopes to act early in 2015 against GMO labeling

Congress could act early in 2015 on legislation to pre-empt state and local requirements for labels on food made with genetically modified organisms, said Kansas Rep Mike Pompeo, sponsor of a bill to keep labeling voluntary.

House to vote on one-year revival of tax incentives

The House could vote as early as Wednesday on a one-year retroactive renewal of tax breaks that expired at the start of this year, says Politico. The four dozen incentives include the $1 a gallon biodiesel tax credit, a wind power credit and the $500,000 business deduction for new equipment.

Four Republicans on House Ag oppose Boehner as speaker

Ted Yoho, the only Florida Republican on the House Agriculture Committee, got two votes for House speaker on the opening day of the 114th session of Congress. Yoho voted for himself and also got the support of Thomas Massie of Kentucky.

Child nutrition rules “in play” as spending bill is written

During negotiations over a long-term spending bill, "(c)hild nutrition standards backed by First Lady Michelle Obama were in play," says Politico.

House panel formally sets hearing on GMO labeling

The House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on health scheduled a hearing for next Wednesday on labeling of GMO foods. The session, "Examining FDA's role in the regulation of genetically modified food ingredients," is expected to provide a...

House sends to Senate a tax bill with three-week lifespan

Representatives passed, 378-46, and sent to the Senate a retroactive revival of five dozen tax breaks that expired on Jan 1, including a handful that apply to the agriculture sector.

House bill to revive tax incentives heads for a vote

The House Rules Committee cleared for a floor vote a bill to revive five dozen tax incentives that expired at the start of this year. The House is scheduled to vote today.