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USDA proposes first-ever limit on sugar in school meals

Public schools would face their first-ever limit on sugar in the food they serve in their cafeterias as part of an Agriculture Department proposal for healthier meals. The USDA package called for a staggered phase-in of new standards on sugar, sodium, whole grains and flavored milk, but was criticized as costly and unworkable by school food directors.

Food industry tries to shape food policy, says nonprofit group

A series of emails obtained under a state freedom of information law suggest major food companies have a "roadmap for dealing with scientific challenges," says the leader of the nonprofit group U.S. Right to Know in a Bloomberg story. The emails by current and former Coca-Cola executives suggest actions such as enlisting outside organizations to question dietary advice that was contrary to their business interests.

Early data show Philadelphia soda tax is cutting consumption

Sales tax data indicate that soda consumption in Philadelphia was down by about 40 percent in January, the first month that the 1.5-cent-an-ounce tax was in effect, says news site Billy Penn. The actual figure may be different, it says, because the tax is levied on sales by distributors, who …

Judge lets Boulder soda tax roll toward ballot

Advocates of a 2-cent per ounce tax on distributors of soda and other sugary drinks in Boulder, Colo., won a court verdict that clears the way for the proposal to appear on the Nov. 8 ballot, said the Daily Camera newspaper. Three California cites -- San Francisco, Oakland and Albany, all in the Bay Area -- have soda-tax referendums on their general election ballots.

The year of sugar taxes or soda sales?

India, the Philippines and Indonesia are studying soda taxes, reports Reuters, saying, "2016 may be the year of the sugar tax as several large nations consider levies on sweetened food and drinks to battle obesity and fatten government coffers."

Child obesity surges, report urges healthier diets and physical activity

Some 41 million children under the age of 5 are overweight or obese, a 33-percent increase worldwide in a generation, says a report to the UN World Health Organization that urges public and private groups to reverse the trend.

Warning signs proposed for sugary drinks in Charm City

Baltimore city officials are considering whether businesses selling soda and other sugary drinks should be required to post warning signs about the drinks, reports the Associated Press.