Steve King

Feenstra defeats anti-immigrant King

State Sen. Randy Feenstra, who ran as “pro-Trump effective conservative,” easily defeated nine-term Rep. Steve King, a promoter of white identity politics, in the Republican congressional primary in northwestern Iowa on Tuesday. The victory should assure Republicans of holding the seat in …

Primary election may be decision day for divisive Steve King

Incendiary Rep. Steve King survived the closest election of his career in 2016 by defeating Democrat J.D. Scholten by 3 percentage points. He faces a potentially tougher race in the Republican primary election on Tuesday, against four challengers who say they are just as conservative as King without his tinge of white extremism.

Farm-state Rep. Steve King votes for resolution that admonishes him for racist remarks

On the birthday of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, the House passed a resolution rejecting white nationalism and white supremacy. Majority-party Democrats called the vote a day after House Republicans barred Rep. Steve King of Iowa from serving on any committee after the representative was quoted questioning why the language of white supremacy has "become offensive."

Combative Rep. Steve King is challenged by high-ranking legislator

Randy Feenstra, a Republican leader in the Iowa Senate, announced that he will run against Rep. Steve King in the 2020 Republican congressional primary in northwestern Iowa on a promise of effective conservative leadership.

Farm bill axes ‘King amendment’ on egg rules

Five weeks after Californians voted for still-stronger animal welfare standards, House and Senate negotiators discarded farm bill language sponsored by Iowa Rep. Steve King to roll such state measures back. King, a Republican who recently won a tight race for re-election, had hoped to overturn …

In northwestern Iowa, King’s cruise to re-election hits a pothole

Anti-immigrant Rep. Steve King has suddenly found himself fighting his toughest re-election contest in years in the reliably conservative northwestern quadrant of Iowa, with an online poll showing his Democratic challenger trailing him by just a single point. (No paywall)

Farmers urge King to drop amendment from farm bill

A group of farmers traveled to Capitol Hill Tuesday to deliver a 4,000-signature petition asking Rep. Steve King of Iowa to drop his Protect Interstate Commerce Act from the House version of the farm bill.

A Democrat appeals to conservative Republicans in farm country

In the heart of Iowa's rural 4th district, Democratic hopeful J.D. Scholten is making a bid for conservative Republican Steve King's congressional seat, appealing to farmer interests to win support for his campaign, according to FERN's latest story, by Brian Barth, produced in collaboration with Mother Jones. (No paywall)

With new bill, Iowa Rep. aims to undercut state agriculture regulations

A vast body of state laws regulates farming, from monitoring agricultural pollution and farm runoff, to pesticide applications, labor rules, and animal welfare. But many of those regulations could be subject to challenge if recently proposed legislation in Congress becomes law. The skirmish over the new legislation is the latest in a long series of fights about who is best suited to regulate food production, processing, and labeling—the federal government, or the states. This time, the fight could make it all the way to the farm bill.

Weaver drops out of rematch against House Ag panelist King

Democrat Kim Weaver, who lost a 2016 race against Republican Rep. Steve King in northwestern quadrant of Iowa, has withdrawn from a second race against the eight-term conservative, said the Sioux City Journal. In a Facebook post, Weaver cited "very alarming acts of intimidation, including death threats," and health issues affecting her mother, who lives in Des Moines.

Trying to upset a King of the Hill in Iowa congressional race

Rick Bertrand hopes to turn conservative firebrand Steve King, who backed ethanol skeptic Ted Cruz in the Iowa presidential caucuses, into the first Republican incumbent to lose a House primary race this year. If Bertrand scores in the Iowa primary today, it will be an upset if only because incumbents have won renomination 98 percent of the time since 1946.

Avian flu expected back in the fall

This spring the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza epidemic tore through poultry farms across 15 U.S. states, leading to the death of 48 million birds. The bulk of those were egg-laying hens, though turkey production was affected, too.

Roberts wins, may be first to chair House, Senate ag panels

Kansas Sen Pat Roberts easily won his fourth term in the Senate, beating independent Greg Orman by 9 points. Roberts says he expects to be Agriculture Committee chairman when Republicans take control of the Senate in January. He would be the first person to chair the both the House and Senate Agriculture committees.

A dozen elections with food and agriculture policy impact

A dozen elections today may influence food and agriculture policy nationally, They range from the Kansas race that could determine the next chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee to referendums on soda taxes and GMO labeling.

Food stamp critic Steve King heads for re-election in Iowa

House Agriculture subcommittee chairman Steve King leads by 12 points in a Loras College poll of 280 likely voters in the Fourth House District in northwestern Iowa.

A Kansas toss-up, an Iowa “safe” and a rule of thumb

"Sen Pat Roberts (R) of Kansas may be making a comeback after having been left for dead on the battlefield," says the political newsletter Sabato's Crystal Ball, which now lists the Senate race as a toss-up vs the previous "Leans Independent."

Food and agriculture races to watch on Nov 4

From soda taxes in California to neck-and-neck Senate races in the heartland, an abundance of races of import for U.S. food and agriculture policy will be decided in the Nov 4 elections.

US judge dismisses challenge of California egg law

U.S. District Judge Kimberly Mueller dismissed a lawsuit by six egg-producing states to overturn a California law that says eggs sold to its citizens can come only from hens given enough room to stand up, lay down, turn around and fully extend their wings. The 2010 law imposes the same standard on eggs imported for sale in California as a 2008 referendum put on the state's egg farmers.

Conaway campaigns to succeed Lucas as Ag chairman

Mike Conaway of Texas, chairman of the House Ethics Committee, said he began the footwork last year to succeed Frank Lucas as chairman of the Agriculture Committee in 2015.

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