Spanish pigs touch down in Georgia, birthing a new ham

For centuries, a coveted type of ham — jamón ibérico de bellota — has been produced from a special breed of pigs in Spain. Now a Georgia farmer is aiming to create an American version of the iconic food, writes Maryn McKenna in FERN’s latest story, produced with Eater. No paywall

World’s largest cellulosic refinery opens officially

The Spanish energy company Abengoa opened the world's largest cellulosic refinery in Hugoton, about 90 miles southwest of Dodge City, Kansas, said Biofuels Digest.

Giants hopped among us

There are rabbits - cuddly-sized, soft-furred burrowing mammals with long ears and long legs belonging to the animal family Leporidae - and there are jumbo rabbits, as Modern Farmer reminds with a story about efforts to revive the Valenciano, a meat-bearing breed in Spain.